Year: 2020

Churches of Service Are Growing

In recent years, many churches have steadily declined in health due to an overall trend toward declining attendance, aging membership, and a steady decrease in giving. As of 2010, more than 25% of churches have average weekly attendance of less than 50 and nearly 50% have less than 100 people in weekly services. More than […]

The Church: Organism or Organization?

Part One: A series on the church What does the Word of God teach regarding the church in its form, function and expression? Anyone who ponders this issue begins at the point of asking the question from one, if not all three of these areas. This question surfaced many years ago in my life because […]

Lutheran Church: What Is It And What Do They Believe?

Where did the Lutheran Church originate? Back around the 16th century, Martin Luther was a German monk in the Roman Catholic Church who was very dissatisfied with the way that the church was being run. He felt that they had strayed from the original doctrines and principles that Jesus Christ had taught and that he […]

Lutheran Church Services – Origin and Practices

The Lutheran church is one of the oldest denominations of Christianity still alive in America today. The Lutheran church is best known for its belief in predestination, or the idea that God knows whether each person is going to heaven or hell because he is all knowing, so the everyday person has no control over […]

What is the Reform Catholic Church?

The Reform Catholic Church (RCC) is a worldwide conglomerate of churches that were created in the 1960’s, however, the concept was created long ago. The name was chosen out of hundreds of options in an effort to maintain a connection to traditional Orthodox and Catholic churches and beliefs systems while, at the same time, realizing […]

Catholic Church: Staying Power for 2,000 Years

The Catholic Church has been in existence on the earth longer than any other Christian denomination. The Catholics can trace the Pope’s and the Catholic Church’s authority back to Peter at the time of Jesus Christ. Most other Christian churches broke away from the Catholic Church at one point in time or another. But, they […]