The Lutheran church is one of the oldest denominations of Christianity still alive in America today. The Lutheran church is best known for its belief in predestination, or the idea that God knows whether each person is going to heaven or hell because he is all knowing, so the everyday person has no control over it. Before joining a Lutheran church it is important to know these two things. Though there are many similarities between the Lutheran church and other Christian denominations, it does have some unique features that belong only to it.


Lutheranism started after Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses on the front door of a Catholic Church, sparking the Protestant Reformation. He was tired of the Catholic Church selling tickets to heaven and only allowing priests who could read Latin to know the gospel. With people realizing they can start and believe as they want to believe, they started Lutheranism, which was the first of several new denominations to come. Martin Luther was not the exact founder of this church, but did inspire its beginnings, which is why it is named after him.


There are several practices that are known and widely followed by Lutheran worship services. They are related in some way to other church practices in other Christian churches, but are more prevalent in the Lutheran denomination. One of these is the practice of liturgy. Liturgy is the act of ceremony and public worship of God. It is done on a regular basis just like other churches, with special ceremonies for births, deaths, etc.

Another popular practice of Lutheran church services is that of missions. Though many churches participate in missionary activities, Lutherans place special emphasis on missionary trips and endeavors because they believe spreading the word of God is one of the most important things believers can do.

Finally, education is extremely important to Lutherans, especially religious education. Almost every single Lutheran church has a Sunday school, and many places offer Lutheran faith-based schools for elementary, middle, high and post-secondary schools as well. They believe that only through knowledge of the religion and scripture can enlightenment happen.

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